Practice projects for powerful web-dev skills

Start building! Web development

"Just build something"...but how?

Project Klub is a platform for doing practice projects, a crucial step in learning web-development.

Practice projects

How it works

  • Join a project
  • Get started using modules and resources
  • Add your solution, study other solutions
  • Exchange help & feedback

What is Project Klub?

Projects designed around skills

Our projects are set up with a variety of sizes and complexities, addressing real-world techniques.

Most of our projects focus on one core skill-area or technique at a time. As you work on these, you can progress to more end-to-end projects that resemble real-life applications.

Tools to help figure it out

  • Modules break larger projects into smaller chunks.
  • Resources for assets, hints and guidance.
  • Modules Modules
  • Resources Resources

Tools to get help

  • Compare solutions
  • Exchange help and feedback
  • Discussions Discussions
  • Solutions Solutions
  • Help requests Help requests

Start with bite-sized projects...

Skill-centered smaller projects are a great way to kill procrastination and stay focused.

Our small projects sharpen one skill at a time. In grokkable pieces.

...and then go big!

We believe the learn-by-doing progression has to be gradual, but not necessarily slow.

Join larger projects as your skill level grows.


Project Klub is in limited alpha.

All our projects are FREE to join for now. In future, we plan to have both free and premium projects, addressing a wide range of skill areas.

  • Procrastination
  • Tutorial hell
  • Imposter syndrome
Start building now!

Become a project-building expert

Start building now!

About us

Who we are

Project Klub is a tool to help people learn web development and practice project-making.

We hope you enjoy building projects on our platform. Please don't hesitate to email us with any feedback you may have!

Happy coding!

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